Saturday, June 07, 2008


Have you seen or heard about inarching?

Yesterday, on the way to Alaminos Goat Farm, we stopped by Ato Belen's nursery in San Pablo.

We were served bananas while waiting for him. It was somewhat "mapakla" and I remembered as a child that was told to sort or make it "lamog" to speed up the ripeness. Zac gave me my Agri 101 for the day..... get a piece of the banana skin when you peel it...and sort of wipe or rub the exposed fruit with the peeling. He said it will take off the "pakla". IT DID! Try it.

It brought back memories of a trip to Davao. They said to get the fruity odor of Durian off your hands and mouth, fill an empty Durian peeling with water as in a basin, and wash your hands there. True.

Ato showed us his compost soil, fish amino acid tanks and effective microorganism (probiotics). Next, I saw these trees with hanging seedlings???? I got 2nd lesson in Agri 101 for the day. Inarching.

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