Monday, June 02, 2008

Come End Of May

Or Start of June?

Depends of you see the glass half full or half empty :)

What am I saying? We had our 1st egg drop from the 2nd batch of our Parent Stocks, now from SASSO (thank God!). The Parent Stocks from SASSO of France had been good from the day it arrived as day old chicks. No mortality at the airport, packed well, alive and chirpy. Hardly any mortality during the grow out period and gave a 38g 1st egg drop. Very good sign, in comparison to our initial batch of Parent Stocks from another company. Really glad that we made the switch.

2nd weekend at Market at the Hills. Enjoyable, relaxing. Good venue for consumer awareness and developing the niche market some of the growers are targeting. This also serves as my I have encountered numerous friends from way back, and not too distant past. I guess that is why I don't find MATH weekends as work, its like throwing a duck into a pond.

You have to go try the native chocolate drink at Manna Specialty Bakery. It was really good. Just right. Not too sweet nor thick. Sarap to dip your bread from Manna :)

If you care to gift your parents, grandparents or yourself some exotic fruit trees, go to Market at the Hills on Saturdays. Teresa Orchard will have their miniature Macopas from Indonesia and Abiu available. Free taste test of the will make you want to grow your own trees.

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