Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Genetics 101 By Doc Synan

Remember our interesting chat with Doc Synan during the inauguration of Milk Star Dairy Plant?

While on the way to Los Banos, we texted Doc Synan to ask if he was free to meet up with us after lunch.... he will be at PCARRD! Take note it was a non working holiday!

After all that Makapuno eating and talking, we grabbed a quick lunch by the pitstops along the highway. By 1pm or so, we were knocking at the door marked LIVESTOCK...and there began another round of banter and chitchat with the never tiring Doc Synan.

Genetics and animal behavior were topics he can't have enough of. No wonder, because that is really his specialization in school. Zac's original intention was talk to Doc Synan about goats, but the afternoon it went from goats, cattle, poultry...and of course Doc Synan had to end with his love, the Darags.

With all that passion shown, it does rub in...I want to go back now to my roots' hometown and try to recover some of the chickens that place is known for.

I will not deal on the "lectures" we got...I might end up preempting some articles meant to be written. Those things you can research about.

As Doc Synan brought us to the parking of PCARRD, I thanked him for seeing us on a holiday. He didn't go there to meet us. He just squeezed us in his overwork schedule.

THE dedication and passion of some of our public servants...you have to experience!

That we got this June 9, the declared Holiday to commemorate Independence Day.

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