Monday, June 16, 2008

Capons, Roosters That Can't Father

Joey and Doc Mitzi Rigor's Sunshine Capons have always been written about in Manila Bulletin, but this is our first real visit to the farm. Prior to this day, either there was no batch of capons to photograph, the family was out of town or Doc Mitzi was ready to give birth (she finally did 2weeks ago to a really can't deny Joey Jr).

We arrived soon after lunch and it was really a humid day. The batch now, about 5kilos, 4months old, didn't want to go out to range under the intense heat. We had to go to them. Besides, we can't risk them getting all stressed out....we know how overweight can make it hard to move around!

After all the interviews done in the past, we just needed to take photos of the actual capons....then we proceeded with the agenda for the day..."roasted capon and authentic pinakbet"!

Enjoyable banter with familiar company, great food, plus you learn more about one another. Durian turned out to be another common favorite.

We are glad the couple decided to enter this niche market. Just the other day, someone bought 10 capons! Surely, the man doesn't expect to crossbreed it :)

Plan in place now is putting up their own restaurant to serve specialty food in the Tarlac area: capons, roasted kid etc.

July will be loading time to serve the Christmas orders.

Sunshine Capons will be with us for the trade shows....

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