Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Table Eggs Production

After the "can we breed questions", another frequently asked question is do you need males in a flock of females kept for table egg production.

No, you don't need roosters in your free ranging layers :) They eat a lot and are noisy!

Healthy pullets start laying at 5-6 months. That is standard. Enjoy the hide and seek game when you pick up their eggs on the range.

They have dark orange colored yolks, no fishy taste nor smell. I am able to take them raw :) You get great tasting eggs from grass fed hens. Perfect for my leche flan.

At 60days, dress your male Sunshines for meat and keep the females for your grass fed layers.


  1. Hi. I am interested to start table egg production as a business but have little knowledge on its viability and profitability. Can you share any info on this, particularly on costs and revenue. Thanks much.

  2. Hi Paul, I will post the figures on this. If you are in Manila, Doc Rey will be happy to discuss with you in person.

  3. re egg layers
    1. u dont need male at all for them to lay eggs?
    2. to what age are they productive egg layers?
    how many times do they lay eggs per year?
    3. how many years/months to keep them as egg layers before we cull them?
    4. do you have stats on how many eggs they produce per year?

  4. Rene, they lay about 180 eggs per annum, and productive for about 2yrs

  5. hi i want to know, from the chicks, up to laying, how do you know who is a cock, and whom is a hen? thanks. val oosthuizen

  6. hi, i would like to know, how can one tell a cock from a hen from chicks or at what age of the chicks you can tell, and is it thru there cocks comb, or what? what age do you start layers,and what age can you tell the different sexes. also where i can buy baby chicks to start free range and what price for each chick? thanks

  7. @ voguerrero, the answers to your questions may be found in the different posts :) The prices are are posted visibly on the lefthand side. Thank you.

  8. Gaano po ba ka laki yung mga eggs ng layers? maganda po bang pagkakitaan ang mga yan?

  9. @bobcent, I suggest mag start ka muna sa pagalaga for meat purposes. Pagsanay ka na saka ka na mag graduate sa egg production :)

  10. yun po bang mga sunshine chicken ninyo e mga native chicken?