Friday, June 06, 2008


I am not comfortable going to parties, events....I guess am not sociable :) Thought about what I can do while Zac and Doc Rey were learning about the plant....

We got there at 11am...parking was full, save for a lone spot near the caterer's place (good, it means a short hop to the registration). But it means walking into a tent full of visitors...

The Almedas were such pleasant hosts! They led us around, making us feel at home and welcome. First table had a familiar smile but I am so bad with names and faces...but this one was a really so familiar face. He said we met during Agrilink. Oh well, yeah right, very helpful info. Next table, I heard "PCARRD" being mentioned. Then I recognized Doc Synan, then I immediately looked again at the "familar face" and of course..the boss of Doc Synan. I am terrible with names...was that Doc Edwin?

Next table was the Goat Federation members, let by Ben Rara. I've been bumping into him in several web sites already...from gamefowls, to everywhere wehehhehe.

By the time we were walking to the blessing proper....I saw our grower in Tuy, Batangas! We were just texting on our schedules on visiting the Sunshines in Tuy, Batangas. Not knowing we were both enroute to Alaminos Goat Farm!

The blessing proper of the first dairy plant for goat's milk went smoothly. Credit it to relatives and friends who cared. You don't drive a distance just to be there :) It was so cute to see adults pick up the coins from the "pasabog".

Going back to the tent...we were taking pictures of the lechon kambing - perfect excuse to make kurot! Take another picture...kurot again!

During lunch...I see a brother in law! Geez, we don't even see each other in Isabela for ages, and here we are about 500kms from were we both stay.

Thankful that Doc Synan came over to our started a very interesting talk on genetics in several species up to show biz denizens. Guess Doc Synan, Zac, Doc Rey and I looked we were enjoying ourselves as several others came over and joined the table :)

Doc Synan of PCARRD, and who moderates the poultry forum of the PCARRD message boards - does make an interesting specimen for an interview and information gathering.

I learned a lot today....Alaminos was the 2nd in the iterinary for this morning! Before I share what I learned earlier.... Let me relish first the feast called lunch today. From the buffet I had two servings of the lechon goat, several too for the ice cream...and yes two huge slices of the Leche Flan made from Goat's milk. Didn't they say "better to walk in pairs"?

You can feel that the preparations was a family affair event. Everyone looked like an Almeda. Hey Doc Synan...what did we talk again about producing good looking offsprings? wehehhehe

Good night for now....have to go to the Market tomorrow.

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