Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dawn At AANI Sa Boystown

Early this year, the Department of Agriculture started a techno-demo farm, a joint initiative with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim at the Manila Boystown Complex, Parang Marikina. It was a doable project, but if the supervisors were not focused nor passionate about the activity, it may not succeed. Eventually the project was abandoned.

The techno-demo farm and rehabilitation of idle land in Boystown was now offered to Agri Aqua Network International (AANI), the endeavor is still with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and an able Col. Levi Viesca who is present at the site Mondays through Fridays. The City of Manila will assist in the marketing of the produce of the demo farms.

When we went there yesterday, we saw the initial work by Pol Rubia on the vegetable plots. They have already harvested and sold at the AANI markets.

We walked around and Pol showed us the spot alloted for the Sunshine Chicken. He had always been ecstatic about the project and where we will be. Now I understand fully. The place is perfect for urban farming. Thank you for our location! Right by the entrance (perfect security), beside the church, and it has a building that may be used for housing by the AANI boys and as brooder room.

Before our visit there yesterday, I was searching on Boys Town and that was when I read about the DA's techno-demo farm, during Mayor Atienza's time they wanted to convert this facility to a housing development and abuses allegedly committed by the former administrator :(

Walking through the facility is a humility reality check. Pol was talking with the boys and you can hear about not seeing parents, former street children etc. Now you see them playing, courteous although some are still aloof and wary of new faces like us. As for the senior citizens, they were waving at us :) Maybe thinking that not too long ago they were just our ages.

If you consider an agri-tourism-civic trip, AANI Sa Boys Town should be an option....

Sunshine At AANI Sa Boys Town!

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