Monday, June 23, 2008

Wet Season

We can't deny the rainy season is here.

What should you look after?

1) Are they feeling cold? They group/pile together to get heat from one another.
1watt per bird is the recommended for brooding them. Depending on the temperature, you may add more bulbs to keep them comfortable. Instead of using one 100watt bulb for 100 Sunshines, use 10 10watt bulbs or 4 25watt bulbs so the heat will be distributed well.

2) Are they getting wet?
Make sure their housing in not flooded. Elevate housing/flooring if you must. Change beddings often to keep them dry and clean.

3) Do they have fresh air? Is there a strong odor when you open their pens?
Most people make the mistake of enveloping the pen using sacks, curtains etc. The Sunshines need fresh air, even during rainy season. Remember that air comes from below and exits above. So make sure they have vents for the intake and exhaust of air. Do not suffocate them. Create wind breakers around the cages, but do not block off fresh air.

How you feel is how they feel also. Use your senses to guide you in looking after your Sunshines.


  1. hi. just want to ask: is it ok for the chickens to get wet in the rain when they are free-ranging. right now in our place where it is really hot but suddenly there are drizzles of rain or even heavy rainfall. does it affects the chickens? what kind of medicine/vitamins will i give them? this coming june, there will be days of rain even a week of straight rain. any suggestions on what to do with the chickens then?

  2. @tybuzz, where are you located? My memory is really clogged up these days. Have you attended any of our seminars already?

    Yes they are ok, even if they got long as not soaking wet!

  3. @solraya, actually im just asking the question coz I am planning to raise SASSO chickens convinced I am of their breed through your website. I am just waiting for the capital to be released. I am from Southern Leyte. Im a bit worried that rainy season is almost upon us. by the time I get my capital, it will be june. Lots of rain then. No I have not attended any of your seminars.

  4. @tybuzz, They will be ok, just make sure their ranging area is not submerged :)

  5. Do these chickens live on regular homemade feeds?ie rice or cracked corn.I am interested to buy a bulk of these if you can tell me more about it. i live in iloilo and i'm thingking of getting them in December if you can build me more interesting facts and handling these living creatures.Pls tell me how much will it cost me per hundred and of course pls dont kill me with the prices.I surely be glad making business with ya'll.

    pls. e mail me back if you dont mind at

    I sure do appreciate your help

  6. I cant wait for you to e mail me back, i guess i took a second look at all your products.I am interested of purchasing an initial 500 healthy chicks by december and double that or even more by march of 2010, could you pls tell me if you are able to do that and pls give me an affordable quotations.Otherwise a pretty good deal, you and me can have a good business.

  7. @pablocampos, are you based in Iloilo? We are scheduling another seminar there in June. I suggest you attend a seminar.

    Purchasing chicks will be easy. Growing it is a another story.

    I did send you an email. Thank you.

  8. thank you for replying my e-mail pls tell me the venue, the date and time of your june seminar.I live in Texas USA but i'm sending somebody to represent me.I will appreciate your time if you let me know, Thanks.........

  9. @ pablocampos, we post seminar schedules in this blog. Thank you

  10. i cant find your scheduled seminars here in bato, leyte or in cebu this year. pls,give me direct unswer not to send or find it in the blog its so tiring n it takes times im not good in computer. tnx for the consideration.

  11. @bobcent, there is no schedule yet. If there is one set, we post it here and blog is updated always.

    I hope you understand that the blog is to save time for everyone. If we reply to all the texts we get, it means that we will have to assign someone to do just that :(

    By updating our blog, we think it is for everyone's good.

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  13. Im interested to buy 1 box which is 100 chicks but, im in bukidnon northern part of mindanao. How to do it?