Tuesday, July 01, 2008

No Buy-Backs, No Contract Growings, BUT.....

Our regular growers know and see how we really market our Sunshine growers and not us :)

But you can't please all inquiries and it does exasperate even the most patient people who take your calls (surely I am not referring to myself lol).

Yesterday, Doc Rey got a call insisting about selling his produce. Mind you, he hasn't even started raising any. The call ended up in a sorry note. One got impatient, and it takes a lot to do that. The other one ended up getting mad because other companies are into buy-backs.

It was explained to him that our real line is producing and distributing the certified F1 Sunshine Day Old Chicks....BUT...our marketing is focused on our growers. I guess, unless you work hand in hand and side by side with us, you will not understand our dedication to this :)

We are a small entity, can't play with the other competitors on buy-back policies.

I still don't plan on doing buy-backs but I will strive to work harder to push my Sunshine growers.

Niche marketing is our focus. Each Sunshine grower will have to study their market and find their own niche.

BUT...we support all the way!

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