Thursday, April 22, 2010


We, in Santiago City, have been experiencing whole day brownouts. 2nd day today....thanks to generators.....I am pleasantly cool in these hot days.

What irritated me was my own doing.

Yesterday, I typed up this long post about a common mistake of allowing a ranging area to go dead, as in no life seen, no living grass...nada. It showed a vivid photo of the ugliness of death. Just seeing the picture, you will not want to step on that area, some sort of respect for any possibility of a living creature there.

I clicked a wrong button and there went my died too!!!! Opened a new window of browser, but I can't find it in my blog's drafts :(

The topic was very important than someday I will write about it again. For now, much just like range rotation, it will have to sleep for some days. It was just error. Can't blame anyone.

That topic had a moral lesson. This post has one too. Type and save first on a word file. Then just cut and paste when you are about to publish in your blog. You just add one more step. Stop being lazy by short cutting and typing and publishing in one click.

You thing I learned? I just typed this and will publish in one click. Habits....

PS: Just as I clicked publish, I got an ad to try using Goggle Chrome for blogging to avoid losing whatever :) That I will look into.

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