Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How Do You Like Your Veggies?

Since we have a chemical free farm, best for me, are the ones freshly picked before you eat them. Some can be taken raw. If they have to be cooked, I like them boiled and then with some bagoong w/ Dayap, or salt on the side.

But, Manila is 8hrs away from the farm. The temperature in Manila is steaming hot. I can get locked up in airconditioning but that is no fun. Last night, I wanted to eat good salad, and airconditioning was a major ingredient :)

Now where do we go for our salad when in Manila? I used to love the Oriental Chicken salad at CPK, but they changed the recipe. Then, some years back, we discovered the salads at Cyma, the Greek restaurant at Shangri-la Mall and at Trinoma.

This is my all time favorite: Roka Salata

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