Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where Do I Retire?

After all the relaxing moments I get when we are on the road for seminars ( we treat those trips as vacations), talking with friends about the need for a retirement place for us as a group, so you know you will enjoy the same activities and circle of led me to look for the these photos to show my friends.

This property was bought by my parents in the 70s and it eventually went to me. It used to be part of Alaminos, but is now part of Baybay Norte in Sual, Pangasinan. Picture a "letter U" jotting out from a shore of white sand. I didn't appreciate it before as a kid to have a hill because it took time to run to the water. But now I see how lovely it is to own a hill with a beach almost all around, 360degrees view of water.

This is the left side of the property taken from afar to appreciate the elevation of the land and the view it can get from all sides. This side is the salvage area. May not be a tempting sight for most, but as a child I loved this area. I would go there by myself and those rocky formation gave me my own small pools with colorful fishes as company. Still does today, although I can't say I will still fit into those small pools.

As you walk towards the property, before you climb to the top, from the left side...this is your view. No obstructions, you get the view of the beach beside you. Close to still virginal state. Seaweeds are the only conceived dirt on the sand. The people you see there is the crew of surveyors we got, to map out and make sure of the concrete posts.

I took this photo as I emerged from thr right side of the property, now facing the beach proper. To my right, will also be water view..remember this property stuck out..sort of a tongue shaped.

We climbed back on the left side of the property. Now I appreciate the hillside, not really a cliff, as I can maneuver the climb up :) If I built a house at the top, I think I want to have sort of pier or terrace that extends to the sea, from this elevation. This beach area is so calm. If you walk in the water, you walk for a long distance at knee deep. When the water decided to get deeper, you won't notice the very gradual way it did.

Not yet quite at the top :) But the photo gives you a clear idea of the possibilities in terms of developing, and the view of 360degrees. At the back side, at the top, you see mountains, but still get a view of the still and expansive waterscape.

Thankful that my father chose this. He should have the eye for beach property, granting that he was from Alaminos, the home of Hundred Islands. 30yrs after, the property is still far from the chaotic life.

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