Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It is not the espadahan, it is about fencing as in building a fence. But true, sometimes, several people end up pulling out their swords when borders are discussed and fenced off permanently.

Discussions about our new ranging area had been posted here several times. Dry season is the perfect time for construction as you can segregate and fix irrigated land and identify low areas to zero out development there.

This was a former ricefield so the borders now that are used are just the paddies or the "pilapil". We can't find a reliable supplier for those concrete posts, so we asked a crew to make them from scratch at the farm. They prepared the number we needed. Now we can fence off.

To make things easier for all, Doc Rey advised the neighbors that we will install a fence. The most convenient way was to follow the "pilalpils" that was there since heaven knows when. It gets repaired and widened in some areas, but that should just be negligible already.

"NO" way they said. "Have it measured". People always think that when you offer simple are going to get the better deal of things :)

Ok, we got a surveyor to do that. Guess what? All around, we earned areas! Now they can't complain and have to stand by the surveyor's report. Because we went through expenses etc, we will want to get what was ours now. Its not right anymore to go back to the original offer. It was theirs to accept but they refused.

I think I heard Doc Rey saying we will assist in rebuilding the "pilapils" although not our obligation, its just sort of teamwork effort.

Borders and territories....are to be kept. So no issues.

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