Sunday, April 04, 2010


Painting is something I've wanted to take up before. My freehand is terrible, so the thought of taking up the brushes remained a dream.

Photography also excited me before and even as a kid, I remember to have had good cameras...or ok, my dad had good cameras. In recent years, the small digitals were my companion. But the dictates of the business led me to get a good DSLR and playing with it is my swap to painting. If I can't freehand, then best is capture what my eyes see :)

Some time ago, I took a food writing course and the food photographer speaker was Mark Floro. I sort of reconnected with him as we were neighbors in Philam, and our fathers played tennis daily. Now that I want to go into Photography, it is but senseful that I search for him.

You might be interested to take up Photography :) Here he is.

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