Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ANC's Shop Talk

We got a call from ABS-CBN today for a guesting at ANC's Shop Talk for Friday, April 30. We had a previous commitment for a visit to friends' farm activity on that day. But, it is a very good opportunity to be invited to Shop Talk. We can split that day and Doc Rey and I can go separate tasks.

This show is hosted by Pia Hontiveros, and is geared for those who want to succeed in business, yet live balanced and fulfilled lives.

Come to think of it...yes I am happy and generally contented. My needs are met. My wants? Well, hmmmmm I can have it if I want to :)

Please join us for April 30's Shop Talk. I hope it gets shown over TFC too. This interview will be our promotion for IFEX 2010.

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