Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Use What You Have

Dinner for three last Sunday and Ididn't have anything stocked in my pantry nor freezer.

What did I have?

1) Dressed Sunshines - We haven't had our chicken for the longest time!

2) Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt and Pepper are staples in a kitchen.

3) Pack of Rosemary. I keep herbs handy. If not for culinary, they are great for scents :)

4) Gallons of Vanilla Ice Cream. Leftover from a dinner we hosted some three weeks ago.

5) Almonds, hazelnuts and Pistachios in the freezer. Again, leftover from dinner party.

6) Newly bought Strawberries. I thought I will use it with my homemade Caramel sauce.

7) A bag of freshly picked lettuce. My neighbor just came from her farm and brought us organically grown lettuce.

8) Store bought Rasberry Walnut salad dressing.

That was all I needed.

Night before, took out a 1.5kg of chicken from the freezer...I have to make a mental note now to deduct that from my inventory! Let it thaw inside the ref. Next morning, did a salt and pepper rub all over. Got two garlic heads and halved them. Stuck them inside the chicken's cavity and let it sit inside the ref. Just before I slow baked the chicken, I stuck a big branch of fresh Rosemary inside the cavity. Dripped some Olive Oil around and inside. Set the turbo at 300 and cooked the chicken for 1.5 hrs. The Rosemary really made my kitchen smell sooooo goood! This was wiped out to the bones by three people.

While that was baking. I sliced my package of Strawberries into four, lengthwise. Thought of using all for salad.

Dinnertable set. Chicken done. I take out from the chiller the lettuce. Tore it up, put in a bowl and tossed it with the salad dressing. Topped the salad with Strawberries and I decided on just Pistachio nuts. I had to do this salad a second time as the first batch went fast.

As I had to slice a new batch of Strawberries, I decided to have some for dessert too. Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberries and Pistachio nuts again in generous amounts. No Cherries for this Sunday's Sundae....but a good amount of drizzle of Bailey's. yummmmmmmmmm We had seconds, and bigger portions for second serving.

Oh yes, add Bailey's to what we have. We got big boys and I try to keep the bar stocked for their friends. Better to drink at home rather than go out and drive intoxicated.

I was really tempted to take photos. But felt embarrased as it was supposed to be a simple dinner for three. We were going to view the videos taken of the graduation three weeks ago, and taking photos of our dinner spread was sort of OA :) But, after the very good and filling dinner...and while writing about it now...I should have had photos to feed your eyes.

Point is:

Its not what you have...but HOW you use it. Same with housing materials for your brooders and ranging areas. It is not how new or expensive the materials need be. Using properly and achieving the goals are important. So go ahead, look around and use and make do with what you have :)

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