Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Jobs

The new farm is right across the elementary school of the Barangay and the thought of training and giving allowance to the older students entered my "thought balloon" when we were starting to develop the area.

It will be offered to those interested and able to carry the jobs of feeding, watering and cleaning pens. It will teach them the basics of poultry management, entrepreneurship, discipline, and following the chain of authority. Aside from poultry management, I think all those traits are very important to an individual.

Most times, when students are made to do projects, they feel heavy about it as it is a task that is a "have to do". In this case, they will go into it only if they are interested. Plus, they will be compensated in some manner, depending on work done....somewhat like a grading.

The education is on the young minds level. They should also learn the value of agriculture based jobs and take pride in it. Not "just a farmer" but "A farmer" :)

BTW, this post was titled Summer Job only because that topic is all over the radio, TV and print media. But, I had this "thought balloon" before Summer and wanted to implement it during school year. By Summer next year, the project would have been in place. Then maybe, it will be ongoing for Summer break.

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