Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Thank You For Day1

They say that the first day is a snapshot of what is to come...then I will love 2010!

1) Got a call from a TV program's production staff. They want to interview us and if we can go to a grower to shoot farm.

2) Orders for dayold chicks poured in.

3) Someone was interested to carry our Sunshine Sausages :)

4) Food chain reminded us to start delivery.

There are kinks:
5) A group trying to con my staff into paying for shipments that arrived during the holidays. They tried to collect customs tax payments and brokerage fees. They stopped when they were asked to call moi :)

6) We closed several deals :)

7) A writer called to interview by phone re: Sunshine Sausages!

Now, we have to chicken up logistics to foresee coming days.

All our work for marketing will benefit our growers. And you. wink wink...read on.

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