Monday, January 11, 2010

2nd Round

of taste testing :)

The 1st round had 2 age groups. My age and the older and experienced ones. The older ones liked the garlicky Vigan type and the spicey Italian and the sweetish skinless. My age group wanted the spicey Italian, found the Vigan and herby type bland, but they want that developed as the interesting taste is there, but you know...masarap but may kulang? Doc Rey liked the skinless and the patties...same as the APDC taste panel.

I think it was the mass pinoy taste buds. They didn't like the herby type. But then, I am targetting a niche market. The ones that have higher notch in taste buds and want to eat healthy.

2nd round was last age group again but diverse as we invited two (2) discriminating men hahahhahaha. One was involved in a company for layers and pig production.

I brought out the 1st batch of herby that APDC and Doc Rey didn't really want as the herbs were strong on their taste. THIS IS IT my friends now say, strong taste not bland. I knew it, that was why I kept the unwanted batch as it suited me. The Adobo was really appreciated too. The Blue Eagle men liked all, and discussion was focused on the health benefits, since one of them is all too knowing of how commercial animals are raised :(

No help. I prepared it myself. Brought out my electric grill and just set it to cook a few minutes before they arrived. Thank you for cellphones. Having guests is less stressful as you are prepared at the right time. Wine flutes, several chilled Reds, cheeses

Thank you to my friends who washed up after. I don't get jumpy when they come over.

Now we are preparing to go into production of our Sunshine Sausages.

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