Monday, January 11, 2010

Extensive & Entertaining

Yet...thinks like a dummy :)

Not too long ago, I got a call from someone who does contract growing for commercial white broilers, for a large food company.

He said his interest has been picked when he saw the colored chicks in the last Agrilink 2009. He asked, researched and read around.

"Of all the pages and websites about free range chickens, yours is the most extensive and entertaining to read...there is humor" I have to take a bow in gratitude :)

I added that... "I also hope that the point of view of a layman who doesn't know anything in poultry management is obvious. Like learning from the eyes of a dummy". He said YES...pretty obvious since he knows poultry...but the layman's point of view makes things easier to understand and to believe. It doesn't have hifaluting terms and description that makes it hard to comprehend nor believe as a doable project .

And yes, I talk about the ups and downs. Just like my favorite Christmas series that just ended... there were no right nor wrong characters. Their character development even when bad, stemmed from something real and credible. And the bidas and goodmen, were not all good and perfect....everyone and everything was portrayed as real. No perfect 10s, nor flunking 1s here. Remember Kramer vs Kramer...same. No one among the divorcing couple was right nor wrong. getting so engrossed in my characters!

I am thankful for people finding us real educating...and gives them smiles too. I am a frustrated script writer, really! It is people like you who motivate me to learn more to be able to write about my passion.

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