Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Road Tours

Preparing our road tour schedules. January and February are for seminars and trade shows.

We kick off our trip in March with extensive visits to our homebase and bailiwick...Northern Luzon, Cagayan Valley :) We will be with some of our agri friends and journalists who want to take that route with us and experience the agriculture movements in this place.

Have you seen the ritual of Pinikpikan? It is slowly beating the chicken to death. Blood clotted, it is slow cooked with some aged pork. I have eaten Pinikpikan several times, but haven't seen the ritual too. It will be interesting. Some may scream animal rights and abuse....but then, this is part of the culture of the Cordillera Region and is accepted as part of the heritage.

Cordillera folks had been very discriminating in what they use for their ritual of Pinikpikan. Sunshine Chicken passed it for its raising qualities and taste imparted :)

So we go Isabela onwards.....

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