Monday, January 11, 2010

Be Proactive

Enjoying a walk through the new ranging areas being developed, to exercise. Boots I just almost sprained an ankle walking through an empty lot with a lot of Metro Manila!

Check now on the next brooding house for next week's loading. Same mistake about the rat proofing, so that has to be redone.

Nice edible borders in this ranging area. I can taste the sweet juices of pesticide free veggies :)

I am always harassed by caretaker's wife on how to protect her vegetable plots from the rangers...enclose them in net. I think she doesn't want to believe me. Last week we sent to the bodega some used poultry wire. She decided for herself that this is what will work for her! See how she used Ipil-ipil for posts. Hope it grows too, so it may act as shade in the new ranging areas.

True and honest. The nets will work...old ones are useful as well. Chickens are not like goats, pigs nor cattle. They won't force themselves through barriers, come what may. Chickens are easy to deal with. Once they hit walls, even if flimsy, they turn elsewhere :)

Why do you think we recommend nets as range separators or fencing?

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