Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fast Food

Since we started moving out of Fairview, hardly had I been there. Had to go there briefly yesterday and the few seconds I was out of the van to get to the office was disastrous. When you are like some of us...the ones that get allergy at the sight of dust...then you know how it feels to breathe even a speck of those killer fumes.

I felt so bad that it kept me off a scheduled appointment last night. I needed hot soup and thought about just buying from a chinese restaurant...but then...I thought about all those additives.

Roasted chicken packs in my was 7pm but I have to feed this nasty nose of mine. Did I have enough time?

Took out a pack from the freezer. Set it inside my glass saucepan....I am without help so my cookware is the one the goes from stovetop, oven, to table, to ref/freezer, to microwave and back to table. You end up just washing one piece :)

Got about 4 cups of hot water from the dispenser into the saucepan with the frozen roasted chicken. Sliced up one red onion. That's it, and boiled it. Once boiling, I took a handful of elbow macaroni and placed it in the pan. Cooked uncovered for about 8-10mins (followed instructions on the label). Added chopped onion leaves for color. That't it!!!!

Why no seasonings? The frozen pack was of a roasted chicken. So it had all the flavors it needed already.

If you don't want to eat the meat with your soup, it will make great chicken sandwhich or salad.

This was quick and doable. But, if I had my way and time...I would have done this on simmering temperature. Still low fire, slow really have the juice ooze out in its own sweet time.

BTW...yes, I felt much better....remember Chicken Soup for everything. Chickens must have something...and the warm vapor is good for the nasal congestion.

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