Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't Take For Granted

You always have to check caretakers, even after you have tried to teach them (granting that you know what you are doing too). We made a quick trip today to check on brooding this week in a new developed area. New caretaker too, so Doc Rey wanted to see how he followed...

Can you spot the mistakes from here?

Ok good. He has his hammock there. Radio playing...I forgot to tell him to tset it to the radio station where we broadcast our info ads in Isabela...that should be his audio bibles :) I take the radio was for him, and not for the chicks.

Maybe now at closer view, you can?

Maybe you can't tell too? Common sense in brooding is not really common sense to a non knowing like me also.

Since I have some knowledge already after all the seminars, farm visits, and listening to Doc Rey...this is what I can tell:

1) Infrared bulbs were sent to be used. What was sent was 150w each and I sent six (6) pcs. We were brooding five hundred (500). He just used four (4) all in one side and had incandescent bulbs on the other side. I heard Doc Rey asking him (his way of teaching the how and the why) if the chicks last night were bunched under the red bulbs and not merrily walking around.

2) The rat protection is better when there are no corners where there may be a tendency to group and they can get crushed. Doc Rey reminded him that he was told to make that in an Oval shape. Ideally round, but it will be difficult to go around the pen with a big circle in the middle.

3) There were no standby heaters. There were drums outside and the ricehull were ready in sacks too. He should have had them ready and staged on pedestal hollowblocks (w/c were sitting quite far so it will be difficult to put together incase of a power outage in the middle of the night).

Aside from the above, these I heard from Doc Rey:

1) Set the basin feeders near the heater bulbs. If it is cold, they will want to stay near the bulbs and of the food is far, they won't go to eat.

2) Set the drinkers horizontally instead of vertically. Again, set it under the bulbs. Same concept. Make food and water accessible to them even when the temperature is low.

As I was studying picture now as I used it for the dawned on me that it will be better it the grouping was divided into two (2) or three (3) of those iron sheets. That was, the caretaker goes around the groups, changed the water and cleans out basins with out stepping on beddings. Maybe that was the reason caretaker opted to set the waterers and basins near the he can easily reach out.

Oh well.....we will be back later at the farm to eat freshly picked veggies. I will discuss that with Doc Rey :)

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