Monday, January 11, 2010


Don't forget the tasting of our HAManok. The one packed for me by APDC was meant to be shared with our DWWW's Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura.

Why did I want with them? Perfect crowd. Mixed ages. Mixed cultural and marketing targets. Most were men. They are all agriculture people who are so used in being served such and these. One is even into meat processing/production.

Ham is such a basic thing, it is everyday food...but you tend to hate seeing it after Christmas is it is a staple those days. So I chose to have it taste tested a week after New Year :)

We didn't coat it in sugar . In three (3) separate platters, the 2kg ham held its own. Even when pale compared to commercial hotdogs etc on the table, it sat quietly and regally there. I grabbed one as soon as I can so I can taste first, how this ham was. OMG...ang sarap, honest super. Everyone said it was so good. I believe this group because we are constructive with one another. They enjoyed it more knowing it was preservative free.

It will do good for sandwhich, salad, eaten solo....very pinoy, we had it with rice. Wiped out...ham..after Christmas?

Have added ther HAManok to the production schedule.

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