Tuesday, January 05, 2010

FarmVille On Real

For those with Facebook accounts, am sure you know what Farmville is. Everyone is at it...ok...almost everyone.

For us FBers who are real farmers, we watch with awe. If the zeal and passion you guys have in planting, harvesting and helping your cyber neighbors are translated into the real world...WOW, we will not be hungry and we will not need the imports.

Agriculture is what we should fall back on. Food is basic. No, we are not saying that we should ALL go into farming....we need a balance. But as of now, agriculture is looked down on and that maybe the reason that a lot of people may have the passion for it, but are discouraged by society. Tsk tsk tsk

When tending to Sunshines, we get a lot of feedback that it brings bonding to family members.

Hahahhahahha...same with Farmville. I know of some couples who are hardly on speaking terms, moreso not on one another's Facebook account as friends. But because of Farmville, the need to have neighbors to stay up on the game...they included one another and now help each other tend their plots.

It even made me peep at Farmville for the first time today. Cute, colorful, enticing....I didn't want to start on this now. I have heard how some people do wake up at dawn to harvest their crops in cyberland. I have a real farm that keeps us busy! Take the trip with us :)

As my FB status earlier said " Go eat Healthy! Grow your own food...or buy from us :)"

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