Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It is different when shared with friends....and you really have a good, loud, laughs about an incident that you all find funny. It may be a silly thing, but it is funny when woven with other experiences as a group.

When not in a gelled group...your smiles or sneers are exaggerated to assimilate laughter ahahahhah.

We have in our company Andry and Jojie Lim :) Doc Rey was tasked yesterday to introduce Andry as main speaker. Geez.....Doc Rey went on and on...I guess that is how it is when introducing a friend as you know a lot about the person! He went beyond that...he started talking about IMO, FPJ etc. Maybe the audience didn't notice it, but Doc Rey may have forgotten that he wasn't the speaker but just the introducer.

Much later in the day, after the seminar, the moment we got inside the car.....we all had to have our boisterous laughs about that incident.

We proceeded to our farm and since it is their first time to come to Santiago, it was again another healthy exchange of info and insights. Both Andry and Doc Rey are brooding batches now and they were comparing growths since they are adapting different brooding styles.

Doc Rey is based on scientific poultry management for free range...while Andry uses the Korean technology.

Three full days with friends...tomorrow we all travel back to Manila. Long trips are enjoyable when laughs are shared.

With people you are comfortable with, you are not ashamed to ask seemingly dumb questions. The Northern Luzon and Mindanao offer different foods and sceneries. What one takes for granted, awes the other.

They can't over the fact that on the road to Isabela, they met unending number of trailer trucks, hauling rice to go to Manila.Andry and Jojie are so captured by the vastness of the rice fields all far as your eyes can see :) Over dinner, when we brought them to Generao's Bangus Grill that serves Sunshine in their menu...they never had Sinampalukang Manok, chicken in soup soured by Tamarind. I suggested to them to try to use Batuan to sour their soup. It is abundant in the Visayas.

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