Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blood Testing

For the January 2008 batch, the testing was for the required local shipping permits. So they are able to monitor where the production goes.

This is our second accreditation, as the 1st batch is now culled. The BAI people were surprised that we culled in time, just like the big companies. We sold the culls at php55/kilo, priced just like the white chickens.

Talking about how far your buildings should go....ideally, 30 meters apart. Again the BAI was amazed at the distancing of our buildings. This is the view from the growing out of the 3rd batch. Looking across to the laying building, that houses the 2nd batch that now gives us our improved Sunshines.

For the July 2008, our 3rd batch, the testing is for the monitoring of the Parent Stocks.

Naked Necks coming up in January 2009. Our growers are equally excited.

Thank you again to Doc Arlene and Hermie for making that trip again.


  1. Asking,For what specific blood testing is related to monitor the production?Ask mentioned.

  2. Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, Salmonella Pullorum

  3. Can i ask if how many months does the rooster sunshine mate?

  4. @ hughal, we use breeders till about 70weeks. Don't get confused. The F1 chicks that we sell aren't meant for breeding...meat and egg layers only.

  5. Hi. Can you please update the pictures for me, I cant see them :) Thank you.

  6. @ chalia, Am not sure if photos expire in a blog. I have to work on my real website and not rely the convenience of a blog :) Go search for the blood test or blood testing in this blog. It will lead you to other postings with photos. Thank you for being patient.