Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thank You

As I type this, we are entering the new week from a very successful show for us, AFEX 2008 (that will be a separate post).

Settling down over coffee, I thought of the more important things that need remembrance today....

1) Support we get from Agri Aqua Network International (AANI) and Friends of AANI
2) Partnerships that are workable
3) Real friends
4) Inquisitive people, because it makes us think and innovate
5) Other people, because we see the light beyond them :)
6) Trials....oh the mounds we have to climb as ants...I think that is where our staying power comes from
7) Today....everyday is great. Today is September 7, several good people are celebrating their birthdates

In April of 2007, our Sunshines were priced at PHP55 due to starting costs....October 2007 at PHP38. I remember Doc Rey saying to someone at AANI Herbal Garden that we will aim to bring prices down when our production increases and production costs are lower for us due to volume.

Why do we want to bring prices of Sunshine chicks down? So people will really have an option to what kind of chicken they want to raise and eat. Will it be the white chicke or the free ranged colored Sunshines?

Today, we have tripled production from those birth stages, lowering production costs. One step to goals...slowly, steadily, we hope to get there.

Introducing improved Sunshines ..

Today, we are lowering our pricing to PHP30
. Exclusively pick up from our stores and AANI outlets.

Our Region 2 stores tested this pricing last week and the response was great! People are switched to buying Sunshines over the white chicks.

Perfect for Christmas.


  1. Hi Solraya,

    considering the decrease of the price of the chicks from P38 to P30, i would like to know for the price/cost of 100 heads of day old chicks to be shipped to cotabato city.

    also i would like to know the new features or the difference of sunshine chicks under the new " improved sunshine" format.

    many thanks,


  2. jay, the price of PHP30 is pick up price. As of yesterday, we were still shipping by air at the PHP38 + freight level. We may look into the new pricing for delivered products.

    The new Sunshines we have now are from the Certified Parent Stocks from SASSO of France. They now come in brown red, black and greyish tones. Most growers noticed that the new chicks are more vigorous....and of course we can't forget the fact that SASSO is not the leader in the colored chicken industry for nothing. The old customers still want the SASSO taste :) Now its back.