Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Can Alter Your Busy Schedule?

Maybe an Appendectomy?

We were supposed to have had an extra full week ahead from the Thursday that just passed. Meaning to drive Thursday morning to meet with a Central Luzon province's LGU...excessive stomach pains brought to ER and the to an OR of a hospital. I am sooooo scared of needles and everything that doctors and hospitals nope, its not me. If I am inside a hospital now, I might be in a frozen state and not typing.

Two people in a room, one patient, one watcher and two hard to work from a room when you know you should be in a place 8hrs drive away! People say it was a forced vacation. Well, I will appreciate a vacation when you are playing hookey with time and schedules, but not when it is forced one :(

Pliability....nothing is just get high blood trying to orchestrate a sometimes clueless team :)

LGU meeting postponed.

I normally do Market At The Hills, the weekend market. Well, the girl I sent there today exceeded expectations in sales. Good thing, we got another 200kilos dressed for later this afternoon, though 130kilos of that had been pre ordered.

Deliveries for day old chicks are hard to lead remotely. What takes normally 1day to deliver, took 2days :( Monday delivery will be a different story.

Talk about Monday...we had to reset blood testing of BAI on the present Parent Stocks and our 3rd batch of Parent Stocks that arrived in July.

We have to be good hospital habitants for a while to get the doctors' nods soon for discharge.

Next week's schedule is no lighter than what we missed....Sep6-9 at a show at World Trade Center, seminar for Cagayan Valley, rescheduled blood testing, deliveries etc etc etc

Remember as kids we were always told..."don't jump nor run after eating...baka magka appendicitis ka!" I wonder what makes an adult have inflamed appendix?

Oh I forgot to mention. Doc Rey has very high tolerance for pain... it was raptured by the time he was opened up.

Good thing, it didn't happen while we were on the road. We could have ended up in a Barangay Hall cum clinic :)

Be pliable and ready for sidetracks.


  1. hi tita,

    i hope all i well with you and doc rey.

    please extend my regards to doc sunshine.

    that explains why my calls were not answered last week. i hope i did not cause any disturbance. =)

    will pray for his fast recovery. =)


    alex yu

  2. Yes that was Thursday :) Getting discharged today..thank you Alex

  3. Cedric... am sooooooooo duwag sa mga needles noh. Hindi ako ang doc rey :) Not that am happy...but if i was the one, naku I would have died of nervousness.