Friday, September 26, 2008

TV Shoot For Hayop Mag-Alaga

Today, by 8am, we met with the crew of Hayop Mag-alaga. Aired over Channel 13, 1:30 Saturdays, and also shown in Vizmin stations. We decided to use our demo farm inside the Manila Boystown Complex, in Parang Marikina.

While they were doing the the interview on the technical side with Doc Rey, I was entertaining myself looking at how happy the Sunshines are in action. You could still hear the interview going, as they were shooting and having another angle of the Sunshines as their backdrop.

The picture was taken as they were shooting the spiel for the intro to Doc Rey's segment.

No pictures when it was my turn to shoot :)

This was the only time to take a pic of what we were to partake. Thank you to Roger, who always cooks for us at AANI events. We didn't have a picture anymore of our inihaw...and the spread of banana leaves as table cloth and plate, rolled around the table :)

Sam Francisco, the director, said it will be shown sometime November.

Incidentally, this is the 1st public appearance of Doc Rey since he got an Appendectomy. He travelled from Isabela yesterday, to make this shoot and for the Agri Kapihan and seminar on Sunday.

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