Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Chick Boxes

Improved Sunshine lines...new branding look for advertising...and yes, new chick boxes.

We were in hospital mode starting Thursday and forgot all about our new look :) This morning as I went into our Santiago branch, I made a second look on the boxes I just passed!

Starting Thursday, September 11, we used our new chick boxes to transport our Sunshine Day Old Chicks.

What are the distinctive changes from our old box?

1) SUNSHINE is now in color Orange
2) SUNSHINE is now on all four sides of the body
3) Corrugated flooring for the box
4) LASANG NATIVE boldly stamped


1) To make us more visible
2) You can easily spot our boxes when claiming in cargo buildings
3) See the new flooring for the boxes? Corrugated. The Sunshines will be more protected.

See how the ends are stapled? When it is opened, it leaves an obvious gaping hole. It will be hard for someone to reuse it.

Again, please make sure you get your Sunshines in our new box. These boxes are designed to transport chicks and are used industry wide. No plastic fruit crates are used in delivering our Sunshines.

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