Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Outlets List

DELIVERY IN METRO MANILA FOR A MINIMUM OF PHP1,000 on dressed chickens. All other orders are add-on to the chickens.
Order thru (0917) 847-2639

List as of 19 September 2010.

What you we offer:

1) Dressed chickens PHP200/kg
2) Eggs PHP300/tray of 30s
3) No preservatives, no chemicals, no fat no extenders. Pure chicken sausages in four (4) variants: skinless, garlic, italian and kielbasa PHP250 per pack
4) Pure chicken burger w/o preservatives PHP125 per pack
5) Healthy Gizzard Sisig PHP250
6) Liver Pate. This is so good as is, or you may fry it for a heavenly taste. PHP300


Santiago City: Solraya Enterprises - Panganiban cor Alfonso st, market road; (078) 682-3758; Daily 7am-6pm


Philam Homes/West Triangle/West Ave: 19 Lipa, Philam Homes - Daily 8am-9pm


  1. i agree with you tita. standard pricing or srp would be a good way to give a good and sustainable value to the harvest.

    i just came from snr last week and they are selling dressed sasso for Php529.95 each. weight range is 1.5 to 1.8 kilo.

    good for us, growers, but might be preventive for potential customers.

    you would know best.

    thank you for your support and continuous effort to address the concerns of the growers and customers as well.

    i hope that our comments and support will keep you and doc rey going!



  2. Alex, better to lower prices so consumers will see the light in switching to a better option. Same time, the grower will have a faster turn when they harvest more and sooner :)

    Yes, the support you give is felt. Thank you.

  3. We have already grown 100 heads of sunshine chicken, weighting approximately 1.3 kilos can you suggest possible buyer.

  4. jose allan, sure. Pls email me at for the details on age of Sunshines, location of farm, live weights now. Will wait for your mail. thank you

  5. Good Afternoon...i have attended your seminar here in davao last February..and i am very much interested to be a grower and eventually to sell dressed sunshine chicken.
    I plan to venture this kind of business by next month May(I'm excited but a little bit scared
    and perhaps start with 200 day old chicks. And when everything goes well(hopefully),add another hundred and so on(our target # is 1k or more).

  6. Do you have anyone here in davao whom i can go to for consultation or advice?
    thank you very much and more power...

  7. By the way, is it possible to be a grower and at the same time have my own place and sell sunshine dressed chicken? i was thinking you might have restrictions or rules.

  8. @ Jo Ann, We go to Davao often, we were actually there about 2weeks ago.

    Email me pictures of your brooder/housing, before you load chicks, so we may comment.

    Yes, that is grow and market your produce.

    We have an e-group. You may want to join. :)

  9. yes i would want to join ur e-group.
    how can i join the e-group?, mean like a ym group?

  10. @ JoAnn, pls refer to a link posted recently. Or search for "sunshinechicken" under the Yahoo groups

  11. im from nasipit, agusan del norte, can u supply me with these sunshine chickens? do you market the chickens that i grow and produce?

  12. @ biancaquest_06, Yes we may send you the day old chicks. Pls read through the blog...there are topics about marketing :)

  13. hi i cant seem to find the link you were referring neither the search for "sunshinechicken" under yahoo groups...
    but i saw the YM: solraya1999, so i added it to my ym, im not even sure if that was it. the e-group u wer telling me?

  14. @ JoAnn, the link is under seminar and events, YAHOO FOR SUNSHINE...and the link is on the thread where we announced it :)

  15. Please tell me where I can buy dressed capons. Thank you.
    John Dormido, Matandang Balara, QC

  16. hi i m from ologapo.i want to ask if you have a branch here in olongapo or in subic.where i can buy dressed chicken.thank s..god bless
    my email ad
    grace gonzales,west tapinac olongapo city.

  17. @grace, I will ask the Lupao dealer is she can refer us to a grower in the area. We collaborated with a seminar held in Clark last week. Hopefully, they get to grow for your area.

  18. i would like to be a reseller of your dressed chicken. can i have details please.


  19. @earthandwater, you may email me at thank you

  20. hi, i am from ipil, zamboanga you have dealers in zamboanga city? i would like to be a reseller please email me at

  21. @Ceszy, sent you email. Thank you

  22. I noticed that you do not have a dealer in Camarines Sur. Do you still accomodate dealer in this area?

  23. @ Lirio, dealer for day old chicks? Yes, but we want to study how the person will go about distributing.

  24. hi im you have dealers in pampanga???
    i want to buy, pls. reply..

  25. Hi Mark. We don't have a dealer there but some clients order from us and we send my bus :)

  26. how can i order and how much each?

  27. You can send me an email Thank you