Thursday, September 11, 2008

Niwa Tori

Yes, that sounds Japanese. Means garden chicken.

I met someone thru the PCARRD boards, who is into goats. More importantly, he is from where my grandfather came from too. Vaguely, I think he is named Ric. Not sure about that...but he is Ichiro to me since that is how he is shown in his YM account. He is Filipino by nationality, and has a beautiful Japanese family :)

Once in a while we get to chat about Niwa Tori (garden chicken), the grass fed chickens in Japan.

During AFEX 2008, a couple of Japanese men stopped by the booth. We can't really understand one another..but there was a common demoninator. They were so happy about seeing the Niwa Tori....that is my perception :) We were talking about grass fed chickens etc etc etc....weheheh their cards carried logos of industrial chicken companies, but they were happy to find us.

During cocktails, a friend was involved with a hotel catering to the Japanese market and the talk about the garden chicken came up again. I forgot what it was called...and vowed to ask Ichiro what it was again.

I saw him yesterday online and asked him how he would have his Niwa Tori.

KARAGI: Marinate your Niwa Tori, in this case Sunshine Chicken - soy sauce, 5 spice and a little sugar. Deep fry.

Thanks Ichiro...I still have to try those raw eggplants in soy sauce and vinegar.

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