Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Teresa Orchard Revisited

Caught the Agri office of Tanza, Cavite at Teresa Orchard as they were starting to make the rounds. Fruit tasting session as we were going around the place. By the time we went back to the receiving area, they had changed their minds about their original orders :)
Will it be crunchy mangoes or the Abiu? More of latexless Langka or Pomelo?
If you are interested in rare fruit trees, Teresa Orchard is the place to get them from. A lot are planted in big containers..makes it movable and great gifts for special people.

Timely that we brought Sunshines that were made into Tinolang Manok. Their first batch of recipients are due to harvest by the end of July, so they were discussing about events they can mark the date with.

After tasting the "lasang native" Sunshines, they can now proudly and knowingly talk about their produce.

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