Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alorible Day At MATH

I set up real early every weekend at Market At The Hills (MATH), that by the time I am ready to have breakfast, the others are still working on their tables.

Today was just like that, and I was engaging in small talk w/ Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery, as I was deliberating on a Banana Muffin or a Poppsyseed Bagel from her baskets of freshly baked goodies. Our talk drifted to blogging, bloggers etc...and as we both love desserts...of course we touched on Lori of Dessert Comes First.

I was telling Elena about how I was speaking to this couple with a daughter in tow during IFEX...then I noticed this MOLE! THE MOLE that is Lori's signature avatar :)...then I went... "Lori"? See...that was her!

Today was such a breeze. I finished all my stock real early and was eating and relaxing as I was killing time. Someone needed some smaller bills and I went to the faucet to wash my hands. From the corner of my eye...I see a MOLE....hmmmmmmmmmmmm...."Lori"???? Well yes, it was her! After some short talk about her being tampo that I indicated another food blog as a favorite...I told her not bagay to her to get tampororot :) Lori, you are my favorite for desserts! Food is not dessert :)

...she goes around the tables.

Then, I saw her get some bread from Manna...I didn't let this pass. I needed to take her pic for Elena :)

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