Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Farm Ready

We were invited for the inauguration of Farm-Ready, the project of East West Seed Company, that will sell ready to plant seedlings.

Soon after we arrived, our attention was caught by baskets of small green fruits. It turned out to be small cucumbers. They called it Micro C, and was meant to be eaten raw, unpeeled. We were given some freshly picked and washed Micro Cs. It was great to snack on them. I thought it would be great with Champoy Powder :) They had a dressing that looked like Ranch to me. I preferred it as is, for the meantime.

There was a big crowd of farmers, LGUs, distributors, DA personnel etc. The festive atmosphere and the outpouring of support from both East West and their customers are evident to us invitees.

Farm-Ready is the answer to those who just want to plant right away and make sure their seedlings will grow. No need to wait when you plant seeds.


  1. mam sandy, where's the location/address of East West Seed Company? thanks.

  2. San Rafael, Bulacan.

  3. ngeh, sa amin pala yan eh! matagal na kasi ako hindi nakakauwi ng san rafael :)

  4. :) No need to look far for opportunities