Sunday, July 27, 2008

Even When It Rains, We Can Have Sunshine

Although it was a rainy day, I was excited for this month's seminar at Fairview because I can test the seminar toys we got to make the teachings more enjoyable by both parties.

The previous seminars were stressful moments: the projector wall area was always blurry, we didn't have a proper sound system and the room has an echo effect, the room can take in max of 20.

That had to the fact that we always did out of town seminars and we can't rely nor dictate on equipments!

We got a roll up and go, portable projector screen that weighs 6k, so easy to carry around. By changing the orientation on the room, we can now fit about 25-30 max. No more exerting your vocal chords? A lapel microphone that has a belt type amplifier.

Everything was great today. Power point and laser pointer that acts as mouse worked perfectly too :)

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