Friday, July 04, 2008

Sunshine Field Turn Over For Ranging Area

We set out today for lunch with AANI brains, Col Levi Viesca, and the Manila Boystown Complex staff.

The bamboo posts have been cut and ready to be erected for the fence of our first ranging area. House had been turned over too for use of AANI boys to man the vegetable plots and Sunshines.

We were told about twenty (20) of us for lunch, so we sent about 19+kilos of Sunshines. Half of which was inihaw and the other half was made into Tinola. You will see from the pictures how many ate.....wiped out! Mind you, we also had a lot of inihaw na hito..and still all vanished :)

Maybe the lunch was very good...that Col Levi Viesca suggested that the area infront be cleared and have a market started asap!

The market will be selling the organic vegetables and the Sunshine Chickens.

They all said... " LASANG NATIVE"!

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