Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Getting Stuffed Inside The Trunk

We were following this car, with a sticker of a life size bloody hand that got caught by the door of the car's trunk. Eerie humor :) Gives you the picture of a lifeless body inside that dark, stuffy, and airless trunk.

Reminded me about a topic that was agreed upon, for those short radio segments. We decided to warn you not to put your Sunshine Chicks inside your car's trunk!

Saturday past, when I got to AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center, the AANI Boy incharge of the Sunshine booth was on the phone with someone and talking about dead chicks. There must have been a great deal of misinterpretation and misunderstanding! Jeffrey must have said you can set it at the back (seat or whatever) surely, you can't let it sit inside the trunk, without fresh air :(

Anyway, things have been settled....

Bottomline....place yourself in your Sunshines' position. What you feel, they will too. Hot, need water? They too will :)

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