Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hainanese Chicken Rice

We had this at KK in Cebu City. One grower there, St. Mary's Farm, supplies KK with the Sunshines, so we tried the recipe.

Being at Market at the Hills, I enjoy listening to wives and husbands interact and exchange recipes. One of the often discussed is Hainanese Chicken Rice. It must be trendy, basing from all the talk about it :) Trendy or is good!

One of my repeat customers for dressed Sunshines is a gentleman who asked me today if I had a recipe for the white chicken..."was that the Hainanese"? He replied yes. Too bad, none of the recipe groups were there to give light. He went off for a while to get some cash for me. I did a quick search to gift him when he comes back....

I got to this link as #1 on the search...recipe for Hainanese Chicken. Never tried this recipe, but it looks simple and you can almost taste and smell while reading it.

Why did I decide to blog about something I haven't tried?

Five minutes ago, I get a call from a restaurant specializing in Asian food, inquiring specifically about 90day old grass fed Sunshines. Out of the blue I asked if it was for Hainanese Chicken Rice...

You guessed right.

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