Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Morning

Does the title sound like I am here to write a novel? One Morning. Its actually the title of the morning TV show simulcast over Channels 4, 9, 13 and Radyo ng Bayan on radio. The hosts are Niki Jimenez, Bobby Yan, Clauding Trillo and JM Rodriguez.

Yesterday, at lunch, I got a call if we may guest on One Morning. When I was talking with Lorna, one of the producers, it wasn't apparent to them what the theme for today will be. I guess when we agreed to guest, that's the time the organic and clean up theme was conceptualized because the other guests said they were called later.

On the way to the NBN studios, as we were tuned in, I heard that the theme was now organic and cleaning up of the Pasig River.

As I was waiting for Doc Rey to park, I thought who the other guests may be. Guess who drives by and gets off? Lina Tan of the OPTA Cooperative. YES! She herself thought the same way and said she was glad she saw me.

As usual, I can't have photos of ourselves being interviewed, but I got pics from behind cameras.

They may do a photo shoot at our AANI Urban Farm site...that will be fun.

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