Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I first met them at IFEX 2008, they got one dressed Sunshine to have their chef try. They forgot all about it and remembered to try it out after about two (2) months in the freezer. Thank you it was still good and merited their approval.

Then Gilbert Lee, friend of Zucchini's started to drop by Market at the Hills. Talking about his passion about food, our chicken. Soon after...

They planned for menu revisions and ordered for taste testings. Last week, though not yet in their menu, they had been offering it to clients, and it faired well. Today, we got around for lunch to taste test again before it finally gets printed on their menus.

I may not be a good taste tester, but I see what others don't and that gives you a good critic.

I liked what they did to our Sunshines and pork. It may look like your ordinary fried chicken and lechon kawali! After you taste it, you know how much care went into raising them and the several steps Chef Richard did to give you simple great food.

Honestly, by now you will know I am a dessert person. The dessert tasting was WOW for me. There was a sampler of ice creams..I liked the Gorgonzola Cheese and the Basil flavored ones. Among the cakes offered, the apple/ginger/raisin/nuts was very good. You knew Christmas was around, and I will have that anytime over the usual fruitcakes.

The food was very good. But I found the company enjoyable. You know how you go to business meetings half heartedly? This one makes you hope they invite you again. Not for food, but for the company.

You know they really plan to make your meals an enjoyable experience for you. They plan new menus, make sure their staff is educated on the ingredients so they can explain and offer. They take the extra steps, I like that.

Zucchini's is fine dining in Quezon City. That is at Sct Tuazon cor Sct Castor. Across the original Max's Restaurant.

Thank you Didi.

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