Monday, November 17, 2008

Natural Healing And Alternative Medicine

Last week we were exhibitors at a convention that focused on alternative medicine.

Totally different market than other trade shows we have joined. Consumers that really needed it were there. Doctors who prescribe clean food were there.

The questions were not how to raise Sunshines, but how it was raised :)

I myself tried this herbal tonic called St. Vincent's. Liked what it did to me the first night, so got several more bottles the next day.

The very good feedback we got, reminded me about the spot I had to check at Shangrila Mall.


  1. Alternative therapy is used instead of conventional treatment. Alternative practitioners often find that symptoms are related to seemingly distant causes, such as toxicity, digestion, or mental and emotional health. When such causes are discovered, treatment can be determined.
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  2. hi,
    a very good day to you. i have been surfing about an article i read in panorama mag. last nov.9 issue re aloe arborescens. according to the article it has 70% active anti cancer component and i am wondering if we have this specie sold in edsa garden.
    i would very much appreciate it if you could give me information regarding this.
    thank you very for your time.

    maru tan

  3. angelinjones, we are happy that more and more people are seeing the light towards alternative therapy.

    maru, I just called Zac Sarian before answering you, to make sure. Yes it is available at EDSA Garden House