Monday, November 24, 2008

Name That Store

I have already approved store signages, freezers delivered, stainless counters there, vacuum packer transferred to its new nook....

As I was filling out DTI etc....I sort of had a sudden change of heart in store names. I will try to switch it to a shorter and non tongue twister.

It took a long time before people can recall and even pronouce "Solraya"...I can't think why! This time, I will play it short name game....won't say it yet, as am not sure to get approval. I won't count the chicks till they are hatched :)

Today, my 3tonner gets delivered and if the universe loves me big, it gets intalled today. But I will understand if I get timed for tomorrow. Can't be too pushy, it was just ordered late Saturday.

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