Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tinola, Inihaw and Nilaga in Santiago

You know the saying that "Hindi tinatangkilik ang propeta sa sa sariling bayan"?

Sad to say the Sunshines are not patronized where we are based. We are only able to distribute here about 10% of our total produce.

Neighboring provinces are growing Sunshines...uh uh but not Isabela, Santiago City in particular.

But then, your best allies are good words. It eventually spread to Santiago that our Sunshines tastes great! And....maybe friends of friends asked family members about the Sunshines.

Now, the family started getting interested. To cut the story, we asked a brother-in-law to cook three Sunshines for dinner later. His gameplan, cook it however he wants and he may ask his friends to try.

I hope to take a peek later at the taste testing and not be shy to take pictures.

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