Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sunshine Soon in Cebu :)

It's been 9 days since I first received my first
100 sunshine chicks and was so happy to have them.

As I have sent you thru sms, I lost 1 that was
pressed between the box partition and i'ts base but
generally all the chicks were healthy and lively(pls
see attached pictures).

Nine days after their arrival, the chicks have
grown much livelier and even jumps higher now.

As per our last communication, I'm planning to
order 100 heads(starting with your 1st local born)
every 21 days or as soon as the latest batch are out
of their coop or as they are started to be ranged. I
just want to utilise the vast range area available in
our farm(pls see pics).

And also I'm starting to evaluate the economics of
raising these organic and healthy chickens and plans
to market them here in Cebu, hope you can send me some
infos and or datas which might help me realise their
economic potentials(liveweight price,farm
price,dressed price per kilo,etc...). You have also
mentioned that manual dressing is best,can you send me
also the proper procedure to do them until it's
packing for market so that it's freshness will be

Hope you can also send me some valuable tips which
I might find useful in commercially raising healthy
sunshine chickens.

Regards and God bless."

Wouldn't you like to wake up to a text informing that you got an email like this?

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  1. where are you raising your flock in Cebu? i am a cebuano, too but presently residing in davao. i am a chicken farmer(broiler) for a quite number of years. i might be of help to you someday.