Friday, October 26, 2007

I Like To Smile To Start The Day

Yes, I pictures again from that very pleasant night with Adora and Kathy of MX 97.7....and that made me "smile" now.

George of Tavern Murano made that good Baked Sunshine again. The other dish he created was a crunchy one with peanut sauce he made from scratch. He showed us the sauce...he said olive oil or was it butter?, peanuts plus other things that skipped me now. I didn't care as he was talking as I was busy relishing the morsels. You will ask for extra bread to scrape the last traces of that Peanut Sauce.

Last night had us having dinner at Kambingan ni Mang Ali. He made soup, simply boiled with lemongrass. That as really good. The other one was a favorite the last time, the inihaw with just salt and pepper rub.

On both nights I came well equipped with my charged camera. Next time, should hang it around my neck so I remember it when soup gets to it.

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