Thursday, October 18, 2007

Inihaw and Tinola of Ali

The testing cook texted this yesteday at about 5pm yesterday:

Ok Sunshine Chicken. Mabango at masarap lasa ng tinola ko. Pa taste test ko tinola sa mga customers ko dito. Ewan ko lang yung inasal

By 6:30pm, we were having our bowl of Tinola at his eatery and a plate of inihaw. I like my Tinola better using lemongrass. His inihaw using just salt and pepper was great. I guess the key was using more black pepper :)

Ali of "Kambingan ni Mang Ali", followed my suggestion for cooking. Low fire, slow cooking.

Verdict: the chicken didn't require more cooking time as expected, it retained its original size and didn't shrink, taste was perfect chicken w/o needing artificial seasonings.

He called friends to try out his recipes. By 7:30, the table behind us was enjoying the inihaw na manok, sans msg. There was no need for the sawsawan! That group was composed of chinese guys who loves and knows what they eat :)

I meant to take photos, right? But my hands were busy eating, exctedly listening to comments, decided to take in a couple of drinks...ayun, nagsisisi now why I forgot to take pics.

PS: My Sunshine tagalog radio ad had Ali doing the main character's part. Now, he can do another radio ad con gusto. You can't sell what you don't know and believe in.

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