Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1st Test Had To Be The Mom Of Bingbong

The 1st days of my PCARRD forum life, saw my interactions with Bingbong (who I thought was male!) and Tj.

Tj and I would always talked about how women, moreso, older women...simply just KNOW by looks, feel and touch.

Bingbong spoke about her mom wouldn't have it any otherway but native chicken. Once, mom and Bing saw how Tj was dressing his Sunshines for delivery. He had none to spare, so the taste test wasn't meant to be yet.

Couple of days ago, I spoke w/ Bing while she was visiting Tj.

Today, I get this text from her, verbatim (I guess she got some Sunshines then):
Had my 1st taste of sunshine chickns last wkend, it was a big hit s boys, hubby & my dad & the ever choosy mom namin. Regular tinola & sinampalukan lng & they craving for more. Jst want to let you know that it passed the pihikan test. Bing

Am sure Farmer TJ is so pleased and rewared for his efforts at giving his customers good tasting and healthy chickens :)

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